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10 Golden Ways To Boost Website Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the fence that determines revenue generation. Which is of course the company’s 2nd end goal.

Yes, net profit still remains on the first. And, if you’re wondering why your company’s goals aren’t meeting even if you are doing everything right.

It’s time to invest in the golden ways to boost website conversion rates.

When asked? What do you want for a website? Most business & website owners say, I just want to increase my website traffic. 

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Undoubtedly, quality traffic is pre-eminent for every online business.

But, is it enough? No! Even though you got the win to bring millions of quality traffic to your website if they don’t purchase, signup, download, and do what you want them to do it doesn’t make any difference in your revenue.

But, if you want to turn your website traffic into your potential prospects and customers the effective ways for increasing conversion rates will help you.

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The actual business growth begins from the increment in conversion rate.

If you’re wondering what the conversion rate is and how it impacts your business?

Read along to understand it before we get into the ways of how to increase the conversion rate on websites.

What Is Conversion Rate? 

Conversion rate is the % of website traffic that either directly purchases your products or services or becomes your prospect by signing up for your offer.

For example: If 100 individuals appeared on your website and 2 from them actually purchased something or others left simply. It means your website conversion rate is 2% which is considered to be pretty good.

Now the question is can you increase your website conversion rate?

conversion rate states
Source – https://www.spiralytics.com/blog/conversion-rate-optimization-statistics-blog-strategy/

Yes! Of course, it is called conversion optimization that requires you to do some changes to your website to induce the traffic to become your prospects. 

And, this is exactly what I’m going to share with you. How to improve the conversion rate on websites.

10 Golden Ways To Boost Website Conversion Rate

Little things are wonderful sometimes. Most of the time we spend working on the big things and forget the impact of little things that actually take little time & effort to yield staggering results.

Designing the landing page, Seo, and product listing is important but the more important is to step in your customer’s shoes and figure out what they actually want and what triggers them to get converted.

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So, let’s learn how to increase your website conversion rate.

1. Remove the un-required things

When the user comes on the landing page even with the intent of what you want him to do.

Side banners, newsletters, and forms remain there to distract the user’s attention. 

And, if the user doesn’t find want he is looking for whether distractions lead them on another page or get him out of the website.

Yes! It’s true that everything on the landing page has some intent and is useful for some reason.

But, if it’s dispelling the potential customers, the sooner it gets off the better it will be for your business goal.

What if you could find out what is worthy to be on the landing page and what’s not? 

Well, you can do it easily with the help of a heatmap.

Heatmap is a tool that helps to collect user activity on the landing page and helps to monitor where users click on the screen.

It highlights the area in red where most users click and light color is given to the webpage part where no attention is given.

So, you see how easy it is to declutter your landing page. All you gotta do is use a heat map, monitor the screen, evaluate the things you want to remove, and keep the things that are important for your website users.

If you’re unsure which one, heatmap software is best for tracking down a user’s activity.

Check out Mouseflow, crazy egg, hotjar, inspectlet, full story, smart look, and decide the best one for you.

2. Makes Steps Easy 

Humans like easy steps and the first steps make an impression in the mind of how things are gonna be further.

Even though you required a lot of information about your prospect. 

For example: If your website is based on fitness. You might need information such as weight, calories intake, a form of exercise they do and food they like to eat, medical conditions, etc, in order to send them the perfect fitness plan that works for them.

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But, if you show all of these files at the first step it probably makes them  runoff.

Because they will evaluate the time and efforts beforehand and decide to do that later or not at all.

On the other hand, filling the email is the only thing users could see initially, and then other fields come with easy steps.

They are more likely to be patient and fill up all the information you are required to. 

The best thing is if they really don’t have time for the small steps. You got the treasure already.

Yes! It’s their email, the best way to retarget by nurturing your prospect with the information they need to know about your company and products.

3. Don’t Use Difficult Words

Fancy words, jargon, and difficult vocabs may seem impressive but what’s the point if the user doesn’t understand it. 

You write for getting people to turn into your prospects but how could it be possible if most of them don’t grasp the implication.

It’s the fastest way to make them lose interest in reading further.

Human mind likes things that are fun, easily comprehensible.

Not something that makes them turn to a dictionary and leaves them in confusion.

It’s time to recheck your headlines, subtitles, and information if it’s easily understandable or needs to be changed.

For using smart ways to boost website conversion rate either you can use your own analytical mind to evaluate it or if you want to make it comprehensive for everyone.

You can use the Hemingway application to evaluate reading difficulty and get suggestions to make it easier. 

4. Make Your CTA Powerful 

Call to action plays an important role to boost the enthusiasm of users for clicking the CTA button.

Sign up, download, click are the obsolete ways that don’t trigger users to click, regardless of if the user’s intent is extremely high.


It’s time to throw away old-fashioned CTA and turn them into intriguing and effective. 

Now the question is how are you gonna do it? Well, I have got a quick tip for you.

Yes! It’s yes that can make your ordinary CTA powerful and captivating. 

Such as, Yes I want, Yes send me, etc.

Besides, you can also do experiments with CTA options. You can even make them up according to you and test if it works well or go through the case studies on the internet to find insights of the best working CTA according to your goal.

5. Retarget Abandoned Cart Customers 

You see the advertisement of a particular product or hear about it from someone, then search it on google, you like it, add it in the cart or Wishlist but you feel you should gather more information about it before putting your money on the stack. 

Does the instance sound familiar? Yes! It happens with all of us. And users on your website do it too.

Trust me the users who abandoned the cart are your most potential prospects.

You just gotta remind them by remarketing what they have forgotten and create an irresistible offer for them. 

Anyhow! According to the studies, 34% of the potential customers leave their cart not because they don’t want the product anymore but for other reasons like a high price, gathering more information, and needing time to take the decision.

Retargeting through email marketing, social media , or google ads are doubtlessly the best ways to boost website conversion rate.

Just use the data of your abandoned cart users and get them in your loop to sell what they need.

6. Take Advantage Of Live Bot

Chat bot is the remarkable software that turns visitors into prospects and prospects into customers. 

When a visitor lands on your website, looking through the products & services and getting confused. Land them a helping hand to help them buy.

Just like lenskart does. Lenskart facilitates the users to chat with experts, a facility that solves all the doubts makes buying easier and makes them determined to buy the product they need.


The indecisiveness of customers leads to a loss in business. Help your customers on your site through a live bot that solves customers’ doubts, guides them, and most importantly strengthens the buying decision.

7. Create Urgency On Your Offers 

Procrastination is a habit, and urgency kills it. No matter how exclusive an offer you are giving to your prospect 95 out of 100 are not gonna take action until it’s for a limited period.

Prospect’s minds run through all the expenditure they did or have to, and let their analytical mind get settled for less. 

But, what if you give them an offer for a limited time and stock availability?

It creates a fear of missing out. And who doesn’t want good stuff with discounts? Everyone is right!

For making buying decisions stronger you can place a countdown timer on your website that displays the real-time they have for taking advantage of the exclusive offer. 


Isn’t it one of the easiest ways to boost website conversion rate of sales on your website?

8. Includes Social Proof 

What would you rather be believing between what the company says their product & services does or the experience of the individual you have used them? 

Of Course, the second one. Right. According to the studies, 93% of consumers go through the reviews before making a purchase. 

Arpit Saxena - Digital Marketing Consultant Astha Sharma - Content Creator

Reviews intensify credibility and assurance. Besides, if you add some testimonials and known companies you’re collaborating with also helps to heighten the assurance.

Make sure when you add the social proof on your website, it should be seen upright to the users.

So, they can be certain the product or services they are going to order will be high quality and include the features mentioned.

9. Improve Page Speed

Slow loading of the page is the fastest way to make your prospect run away before they even see the product & services.

I’m sure you often rather be turning to another website when the particular website you want to purchase stuff from loading annoyingly slow.

Yes! I thought it makes everyone go up to the wall but according to the studies done by a strange loop and small SEO tool 1-sec delay in loading a website can cause a 7% drop in conversion rate, and 70% of people say website speed influences their buying decision.

So evaluate your website loading time and if it’s more than 3 seconds indicates your business is in dire straits.

Optimize your website speed immediately for increasing the conversion rate.

10. A/b Testing 

It’s good to follow what has been working for others or for you. But, sometimes what has always been work doesn’t work up to the expectations.

What should you do then? A/B Testing Probably. It’s the best way to examine what’s working excellently or poorly. 

Conduct A/B testing on your headlines, call to action, and subtitles, creative everything you can on the landing page one by one.

Once you get the data, use what gives good results and eliminate the poor performers.

And, in the end, celebrate your win with the champions. 


Did you like the golden ways to boost website conversion rate? I hope you did.

The ways I have shared to increase conversion rates are based on the studies, and I tried them myself and got staggering results.

So, try these effective ways for more conversions, more sales, more revenue and the most important is profit.

Archit Jain
Archit Jain

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