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How to Earn Money From Internet | 5 Digital Job Opportunities

The digital world has a plethora of opportunities that have brought the world together.

Notably, there are different categories of people over the web. From the comfort of home, people can access almost anything and everything.

Some people use the web for entertainment, while many people use the web for earning money.

A more significant part of folklore ‘kills time’ over the net, while the few proportions use this time for making money

The pace of digital India is touching the sky, and now it is the era of the digital revolution.

If you are among those few people who wish to take advantage of the internet age, this guide is for you.

It is a fascinating fact that the digital marketing or digital advertising industry is recording immense growth. And let me take you to the figures-

  • The development of this industry is as high as 34%, 
  • Also, this industry touched the value of 22000 crores by December 2021.

The growth does not end here, and of course, the industry value is not the only parameter.

The employment landscape has attached several people in the field of digital marketing.

The digital marketing industry was expected to employ 20 lakh people by the year 2021.

Now in 2021, it seems a reality because of the increasing demand for digital marketing professionals.

And as the- sky is the limit, it goes well with the digital marketing field.

You can work for some organization, organizational by setting up your dream company- there is no bar for growth here!.

If you wish to tap these digital wave opportunities, I will share the five digital marketing opportunities with you.

5 Magical and Digital Transforming Opportunities 

  1. Social Media marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Online Reputation Management
  4. Video marketing
  5. Ecommerce Business

1. Social Media marketing

The first opportunity is for the people who incline colors, graphics, and creativity.

People falling in this category can become a social media executive.

This person is responsible for handling different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Nowadays, many companies want to hire social media executives and experts due to the increasing social media channels usage.

Even freelancing has a plethora of opportunities if you are an efficient social media executive.

You can also avail the option of working from home or working across the borders.

In the Indian context, many people acquire the project from the US and make money, not in rupees but dollars.

Suppose you have an inclination towards, content and know the road of driving engagement to you, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is for you!

social media marketing

There are many startups around who seek to hire social media executives.

You might be well aware of the growing number of startups landscape around you- and of course, how is it getting better. 

But anything that comes valuable comes with an attached price. There is a particular set of skills that social media marketer has to hold.

First and foremost, there should be management skill. This management skill is about the skills of managing the content over the various channels of social media.

You should have the ability to design, think, and create. To drive the people on your website or blog, you have repeatedly make people aware of the brand.

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And it has to be done through different means and channels. For example, if there is an upcoming festival or any social media trend – you can create a post and spread your word over the web.

Now when Holi is approaching, you can create a post about Holi or think of any trend related to your industry.

Here, I would like to put forward some examples, that will serve for a better understanding. 

Remember, the ‘baa la challenge’? This viral challenge made the movie houseful a super hit one.

And as a result- the lead actor was the best in the box office in 2019. Next, the famous advertisement of Tanishq- “riwaazon Wali Diwali’ was again a hit.

Who did this all? These were the social media executives, managers, and other associated people who creatively fostered the ideas and bought \gaze, how does this all happen? Let’s have a fact check!

  • On average, a layperson spends almost 2.5 hours of the daily routine on social media channels.
  •  Social media influence around 75% of buying decisions.
  • And, there is a good number of 23 crore people using social media channels in India.

And when this data is available, the companies can easily make out – ‘How’ and ‘when’ they have to leap in the direction of social media

2. Search Engine Optimization

Optimization of SEO drive begins with the search engine GOD, named GOOGLE.

Notably, this journey has a successful ending if your business appears on the first page of google search results.

You will barely have a memory when you would have turned to the google page ahead of number three, but still, there is a que of unseen pages.

We generally hit the initial search results and nothing beyond. So, this itself is a clear explanations to why it is essential to rank your pages and improve search results.


The businesses that rank ahead have better sales undeniably! And that is why the companies want and thrive on appearing on the initial page; preferably in the top three results. 

For example – if you type ‘baby care products‘ then JohnsonJohnson would want their product to come up first.

Similarly, nestle would like to appear first when any user would type ‘baby foods‘.

Who would do this job? The answer is- A Search Engine Optimization Executive.

To become an SEO expert, you can opt to get a course or specialization from google resources.

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And like many other digital marketing tools, you can opt to be a freelancer, run your own business, or make a network.

Content design is a crucial part here, and the SEO executive works upon designing and placing the content. Here, they have to look after-

  • Creating the links
  • Website designing
  • Words and keyword in the content 

Practice makes a man perfect- someone said it very right! When you expertise and bring a business ahead on a landing page – then the world of opportunities open for you.

The jobs will be no problem, and if you are in a position, you will be scaling up the ladder through promotions, besides a recurring revenue. 

It is equally important to know who the right people are for the SEO field and see whether you are the one!

People who are daring enough to accept challenges have that result orientation to the websites’ rank, and analyzing can explore this field. 

By now, you have two great opportunities to make money. Let me take you the third opportunity for the folks who have good communication skills and express .let me give you a hint here- it goes for reputation!

Only a few of you might have heard about it as this field is still in the inception stage. 

3. Online Reputation Management

A good reputation is essential for all businesses and celebrities alike. Any negative feedback can cost a hefty amount for your business.


Whenever people shop over the online platforms, they check this first thing- and that is the reviews!

To know about general opinion every user searches for ratings and reviews by other users.

It is done to ensure a smart purchase, rather than falling in the trap of some wrong products. 

There are thousands of ratings and reviews over different platforms and products.

Many people follow the practice of creating false and untrue statements to defame the organization.

Ethically, it is unfair, so the companies and celebrities hire digital marketers for managing their online image and reputation.

Social media channels circulate the information with the speed of light.

Therefore it is essential to put a haul to any such unethical or wrong information. 

The online reputation managers report to such comments, get the feedbacks and rectify the issues.

Celebrities and big businesses do this kind of activities for a clear image and fostering the right information.

Freelancing projects are readily available in this domain owing to the lack of competition and compatibility with the growing demand.

Moreover, by sitting at home, you can bag the projects from the US or any part of the world.

The another fastly growing field is the one that is my personal favorite, and I would take you for the dive of VIDEO MARKETING.

4. Video Marketing

You will love all the facts here! Have you ever wondered which is the fastest-growing search engine after Google? It is YOUTUBE.

It is estimated that by the year 2023, videos will hit 75% share out of the total mobile internet traffic.

India alone has 26 crores, active monthly users, over the YouTube, and that’s enough to explain to you about the future of video marketing.

future of video marketing

Just scroll down to a Facebook or Instagram page of any business or celebrity, you will see many videos under various categories. Every organization a person who can;

  • Create and edit videos
  • Design the content for videos,
  • Do the appropriate marketing for videos.
  • Grow the videos on various platforms

Now, where does the opportunity lie here? Whenever you are scrolling the social handles, you would notice that today everything is conveyed through videos, whether it is a brand or celebrity. Besides, few other people require video experts:

  • Stand up comedians
  • Actors
  • Speakers
  • Financial executives
  • Teachers in the ed-tech industry

You can opt-out to have your agency, or look for a job in this field, while freelancing stays intact.

Since everybody needs help at the backend, the video marketing field is flourishing like never before. 

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By now you know pretty much about video marketing, now let’s see what the role of a digital marketer is;

First and foremost- spread the video to the audience and make them aware of it. Besides, a video marketer also helps a company to:

  • Decide the idea
  • Content for video 
  • Choosing the right audience

You can research on google or can go for a specialized course that can help you save your time.

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And to save more time of yours, let me take you to the last opportunity that can prove to be a game-changer in your industry. And that’s: E-COMMERCE

5. Ecommerce

We have become habitual of hearing this word online and e-commerce.

Also, we hear too much about online platforms like Flipkart, amazon, Snapdeal etc.

But let me clear you that India’s online retail industry accounts for less than even 5%.

Just imagine the scale- where will this industry leas in future. While India’s neighbor China has this share of up to 20%. 

future of ecommerce

I will explain to you with a personal example. When I used to do shopping traditionally, I would shop for selected events or occasions, or on a particular day like Sunday.

But when the stores have come online, I shop almost twice a week or sometimes even twice a day.

It is assumed that by the end of this year, the e-commerce industry will generate 15 lakh jobs with many business opportunities.

To show you a better picture of the options, let me tell you some facts about growth. 

In 2018 the e-commerce industry amounted to 25 billion dollars and increased to 32 billion dollars by 2019.

And you will be amazed to know that it hit 40 billion dollars in the year 2020.

When you hit the calculator to see the figure in Indian currency value, the screen will be blank, as the older calculators don’t accommodate such a huge model.

To get your share in this vast figure, you must start selling online. In contrast to the traditional setups, you can quickly launch your stores online without the hassles of upkeep, maintenance, rent, and staff.

Besides, this is the asset that comes with lifetime benefits if you do it the right way.

And even if you don’t wish to set your store, you can use online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

These platforms give you the setup, and you need to put your products there.

flipkart seller account

Many people sell their area or region’s specialized products like puppets from Rajasthan, marble toys from Agra, and chikankari from Lucknow.

If you are from an area with a unique offering, you may reap the benefits of buying in bulk, taking advantage of economies of scale, and then selling them online at reasonable prices.

amazon seller

Online retailing has a broader scope, even in the normal goods range. 

You can even take the help of video marketing here, combined with other tools like SEO, SMM, etc.

The options are humungous, the only thing is that you have to find your forte.

This option is most suitable for people who have a diverse interest in sales and marketing, generating profits, exploring opportunities to buy and sell.

Also, if you have any family business, you can take it digital and enjoy double perks. 

Being a digital entrepreneur, I understand the scope and value of digital means, and therefore I thrive on making you people aware of the area.

But you should be equally knowledgeable about the toil and hard work that goes in.

There is no shortcut to success, and you will have to walk an extra mile for getting the sweet fruits. 

Now when you have all the information about five opportunities, its time to choose the most suitable option that fits you well.

Remember- every expert was a beginner one day! So start practicing and master the skills to the best. 

For More Information Check this Video About How to Earn Money From Internet :-

Archit Jain
Archit Jain

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