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How to Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing

We live in an era where technological marketing is evolving quickly, and it isn’t easy to anticipate customer interests and behaviors.

Marketers can not stick their heads in the sand and hope it will work forever with educated guesses and the same old methods.

But when we count in the digital marketing tactics, then there is a lot more that is happening around. 

evolution of digital marketing

Nowadays when customers buy anything ranging from a mobile phone to furniture, everything is searched first on a search engine.

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As everything is readily available on the internet- the trend of internet marketing is an all-time high.

Therefore, leaping forward with the technology, there is a thing called digital marketing

A quick look at the digital marketing industry

When we talk about the digital marketing industry- it is as high as 68,000,000,000 industry in the present day, and growing each day.

India has 60,00,00,000+ internet users, and more than 30,00,00,000 people are using social media platforms.

internet users

Moreover, this exposure moves to a positive side each day. 

When we look at the facts; around 70% of people decide after researching a search engine.

At the same time, 71% of people make their buying decisions under the influence of a social media platform.

Owing to these good reasons; the people all around India, are willing to know more about the digital platforms and how they can reach to target customers with the help of digital tools.

The profession is no bar here, whether it is a doctor, lawyer, CA or an MBA. Everybody wants the benefits of digital marketing.

So when you come forward with me here, I will explain how you can make a digital marketing agency with all of the ease and minimum investment. So here we go!

How to leap further?

First and foremost, I will share an action plan that can help you earn a Rs.1,00,000 per month, and when I say it- trust me, YOU CAN! And the best part is- it is all done with the comfort of your couch.

I mean to say here is that you can do it all just by sitting in your home.

You don’t need to drop a fortune here- if you always had a dream to set up your company.

Here I am, with a blueprint and a foolproof plan that can bring your dream into the most lively reality.

All you have to do is- go by the steps entailed further. A six-step guide awaits to take you forward in the journey with me.

I will clear all your doubts about self-doubt and competition with more prominent organizations in the initial stages.

Probably you might be doubting the availability of finance, investment, and experience initially.

But as we will discuss client capturing and how to get the business, the complete business plan will tell you about the monthly growth and how you would reach the income of Rs.1,00,000 per month.

There is no bar after you reach step 5. We will be talking about the expansion phase.

And as they say- ‘sky’s the limit’– you should have no limits too.

Presumably, not all of you might know a digital marketing company.

First, let’s understand the working of a digital marketing company; a digital marketing agency’s preparatory work is to promote the business on various social media platforms.

Besides, they also create websites and improve the Google search results for your business.

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In a way, a digital marketing agency does all the business promotion on digital platforms.

Also, through digital business promotion, it will ensure that the right product is available to the right customer, thereby increasing the business’s clientele.

1. The Pyramid!

There will be many constraints in understanding the digital space clientele. Let’s understand it with the help of a pyramid.

At the top of the Pyramid, assume some big companies like Nestle, Uber, and HP.

These organizations won’t be your clients at the very first shot, so you need to go at the bottom of the Pyramid.

big companies

In every city and every locality, there are certain people and professionals like lawyers, doctors, teachers, CAs, and MBAs.

Besides, there are hotels, restaurants, schools, and colleges with a small scale of operation.

Naturally, these companies would not be able to afford big digital marketing agencies. Here you have to STEP-IN and get your target customers.

2. Getting Started with the Plan

Now, when you have to kickstart- you will have to start from a fundamental level, there is no alternative to taking baby steps.

Naturally, at the initial levels, you will not be an expert in all the digital marketing tools and platforms like Facebook, Google results, ad campaign, SEO, SMM, and e-commerce.

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Besides, there are several industries like education, hospitality, handicraft, travel, manufacturing and healthcare.

Each of these industries demands different specialization and different strategies.

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So before you kickstart, make sure that you choose your industry and become aware of the selected industry’s ins and outs.

What do I mean by this is you have to set up an agency of your specialized domain. 

For example, nowadays, people choose to specialize in a particular branch of digital marketing and gain knowledge of a specific industry.

So, when we look upon the bigger picture, we have examples who have been able to create a big brand.

Next, we have an example of ‘orangehealthdigital‘- they focus on the healthcare domain solely Similarly, there is an organization- ‘fitness flyer‘ who specialize in digital marketing of the fitness industry.

By giving these examples, you have to focus on a particular sector of your interest.

For instance, you can choose between education or health care.

Both of these industries have recorded growth during the covid-19 as well.

Besides, there are other industries like manufacturing, retailing, medical, and legal

Apart from that, you can also select between various platforms. It is not necessary to put your feet in every shoe. Therefore, you can specialize in any one of the fields like,

  • Facebook 
  • Google ads
  • SEO 
  • Google maps
  • SMM
  • Google my business, etc.

Or maybe, if you are having a love for the camera you can be a video marketer.

Another point, I would like to mention here is that you can take the option of combinations.

Mainly, this is helpful when you have low investment and considerably low experience.

3. Educate and Self-Learn

Now, moving to step 3- and it is all about educating yourself. This can be done in maximum of one month.

In the first step, I have made it clear that it is not necessary to take hold on every field and every platform, so suppose if you choose the teaching industry.

Within that, you decide to specialize in video marketing– then you have to explore the industry to its best.

Initially, it would help if you moved to the local client’s, later to the national clients, and once you leap, international clients are no barriers.

Now when you are clear with your Idea and your field, you will be clear with your roots.

And as they say ‘the roots are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’, so, to get a hands-on experience in your preferable field you can go for pieces of training.

Lessons and training can be free as well as paid. If you have enough resources, you can go for paid training.

Additionally, you can look out to YouTube for your domain expertise.

No matter what the domain is, there is a great deal of help available on the internet.

Besides, when you decide your realm, there is no bar on certifications.

Whether you wish to be a Google ads expert or a Facebook ads expert, there are numerous certifications.

I will advise you to take your time and educate yourself enough.

After a month of toil and hard work when you earn enough expertise and a combination of theory & practical knowledge, you have to search for the clients. And here is how you will find the right clients:

Before looking out for clients, you should have your primary website like Mine – Digital Archit.

It is unnecessary to go for a very fancy website or create a profile on every possible platform- a basic web page will do the job like this web page design!


This website should give a small introduction about you, your specialization, goals, plans, and vision.

As a beginner, to create the website you can use platforms like

 wix.com and GoDaddy. by following a few simple steps, a website can be easily created. otherwise, you can opt for any one option below:

4. The Better you Display about Yourself, the Better you Reach

Typically, any skill would require one hour a day, but if you dedicate 6 to 10 hours each day to specialize your digital marketing skills, you will have a scalable future and a broader scope.

Besides, the significant benefit is that you can get many clients just by sitting at home.better display

Since you put a lot of time searching about your domain, make sure you research about the people in the environment.

Start by making a list of all the people, conducting an analysis of their profiles, doing research, and then letting them know how you would become a source of help for them?

Since there are no physical barriers in the digital marketing world, you can start by dropping emails to these people.

An efficient strategy would be to help the people by providing them with solutions to their problems.

Understand- when you provide free solutions, the person on the other end would wonder about your skills and the benefits of giving you the business.

It’s not essential to reach out directly to the CEO of a multinational, but you can start by reaching out to the low scale business.

This way, you can be on a higher probability of getting a client.

Some freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr and freelancer.com can be another source of help.

freelancing websites

Many of the companies, businesses, and professionals looking for freelancers.

For example, some people look out for social media experts. Some look for video editing experts, and some people search for people for video marketing experts.

You can put your profile here, and people can reach out to you.

People and organizations across the Australia, Canada, UK and USA lookout for freelancers on these freelancing websites.

Undoubtedly, there is a competition, but if you have a strong profile then you can be a good player.

And as a matter of fact- competition arises on account of the business.

Before reaching out to the international clients, you must get the first client, probably when you have your grounds strong.

Perhaps, like every other digital marketer, you will cherish the time you spent to find the first clients.

After that, the results would speak on your behalf, and you will be amazed at how you scale-up!

But again, the condition here is you need to work out on things. so here we come up in the 5th phase-

The first three months will be the face of learning and initial clients.

What matters the most is –‘ experience’ and the experience should not be compromised over money.

Maybe you have to work for free but experience matters here then next phase is the face of 429 months where you would be charging a fee ranging between Rs.10,000 per month to Rs.40,000 per month, and at a time you would be dealing with 2-3 clients.

But when your experience scales up, the fees also go up. The more you learn here, the more you grow. and this is the future

But as you grow, I would suggest building an enterprise and have an expansion plan.

You might be able to work on four to five clients, but now it’s time to hire interns just by the comfort of your home.

You can make people work with you, connect with partners, employees and interns too.

Now it is the time for building connections. By the end of 9 months, you would have three to four people attached to you as a team.

And by this time you would have two to three lakh rupees of revenue, and even if we deduct 60% expenses, you have Rs.50000 to 100000 at the end of ninth-month.

According to the capacity of individuals, the results may differ- but according to the blueprint, you would have this amount still with you.

Now when the phase of 9th to 12th month appears- you may be able to earn Rs.10,00,00. But, your goal should not be limited to the limit here. 

In the last phase, your goals would be building a large agency, leading people, serving clients, and driving out new things in the digital era.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to be the best digital marketing agency for teachers in Nainital or India, you must think about expansion.

5. The Expansion Phase

Let’s move to the last phase of expansion. Of course, there are different lines of business, and accordingly, the expression happens.

Now, by the end of 12 months, you should have registered your company as this is a definite step for expansion.

Maybe you are looking for some investment, or some organization would like to fund you. So for that reason, your company should be registered first.

Secondly, hiring should be very clear in your organization. You should have an efficient HR team that can hire the best talent.


You need to create systems, create processes, and hire people who can work systematically so you can focus on the core domain.

Another efficient way to grow in digital marketing is to grow by providing case studies.

Whatever clients you have handled, publish their case on your social media platforms and make them public to get clients branding advantage.

We come to the end of the blueprint, and I hope that by following these steps, you will have your dream income numbers!

When do you think these digital marketing companies would be working from home? Consider the covid-19 scenario as an example.

It has made us fit for working at the house, and now we know that by sitting at home we can expand and improve our business.

If you have the right system and right people, you can create wonders for business, but of course, you have to make a plan and follow the blueprint to get efficient results.

Some people spend years and fortune of money in their studies but still don’t get enough results in terms of money and here you are with a month of expertise and earning one lakh rupees- provided you follow the correct blueprint. Just make sure you don’t lack efforts at any point in time!

For More Information Check this Video About How to Earn Money From Internet :-

Archit Jain
Archit Jain

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