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How to increase website traffic?

Throughout the most recent ten years, innovation has advanced from various perspectives.

And with these changes, SEO has also revolutionized to a greater degree.

There are several innovative headways through which the marketers can now get more website traffic.

website traffic semrush

For example, Siri, voice partner, computerized reasoning, and many more.

Perhaps, that’s just the beginning, and we’ve perceived how rapidly the SEO scene can change.

With this year concluding, advanced advertisers are now putting in more resources to get website traffic.

The occasion to look into another decade is energizing. Furthermore, overwhelming.

It is unusual for a showcasing discipline that appears to change as quickly—and has its progressions as firmly discussed—SEO.

Throughout the previous decade, the SEO scene has changed from various perspectives frequently. Google and other web indexes have assumed a focal job.

This article will help you find out what it takes to learn how to boost your website traffic, from social media to non-traditional marketing hacks.

You’ll also know what the experts do on their websites to boost traffic. And to find out how much organic traffic you get and how you can increase website traffic.

How to increase website traffic in 2021

  1. Emphasis on Page Speed Improvement
  2. Advance your site for search results
  3. Semantic search
  4. Host website exclusive content
  5. Analyze your competitors, but do not copy them,
  6. Associate With the Influencers In Your Niche
  7. Try with the guest posts content in blogs.
  8. Grasp Videos in Your Content Marketing
  9. Keep the Client Experience At The Forefront
  10. Drive site traffic with Facebook
  11. Attempt Instagram marketing
  12. Look at Pinterest

1. Emphasis on Page Speed Improvement 

Page speed is a calculation of how fast your page loads content. 

In delivering a great user experience and increase website traffic, this is a critical element.

website page speed

The study says that 40 percent of users leave the page, which takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and 80 percent of visitors will not return.

visitor drop down time

Slow-loading websites have cost retailers a revenue loss of $2.6 billion per year.

2. Advance your site for search results

A critical means of driving traffic to your site is keyword targeting. And you can produce heavy organic traffic by targeting distinct keywords.

But if you start targeting keywords only because they have a high search volume or CPC, the traffic and the conversions would be challenged. 

search results

At the point when you’re beginning, center around discovering keywords that speak about your specialty.

You can utilize SEO devices like Keywords Everywhere to help you get website traffic.

Initially, it will center around catchphrases that have an inquiry volume of under 10,000 hunts every month.

Following a couple of long stretches of making blog content and streamlining item pages, you would then be able to get higher volume. 

The secret to getting organic traffic is to fabricate a solid line of keywords first.

Please make sure to exploit the blog on your online store, as it can have the most significant effect on driving organic traffic to your site.

This is because you’ll waste your time and energy creating that piece of content if you target the keyword that gets good traffic but isn’t related to your niche.

3. Semantic search

How individuals look for items on the internet will be a core theme of these 2021 SEO patterns.

Semantic search refers to how a search engine breaks down data to establish context, purpose, and meaning in search engines and then provide users with the very best and most appropriate content through search results. 

semantic search

Understanding how and why your users are searching is the best way to maximize the semantic search value and increase traffic to your site. Here are a few ideas for producing content while you’re making it:

  • Create content that addresses the questions raised by your target market 
  • Optimize content for keyword-containing subjects 
  • Using your website’s internal linking 
  • Write for individuals, not for search engines

4. Host website exclusive content 

Start a blog, create a free course, create presentations on Slideshare, host webinars, and publish on your site other related content.

Keep a daily schedule of publishing and encourage users to subscribe so that they have an incentive to keep coming back.

In this way, you can drive both social media traffic and increase website traffic. 

5. Analyze your competitors, but do not copy them

If you’re in the field, you certainly have rivals. Competitors can eat the business, but they can also give you great insights occasionally.


You can spy on your rivals to get feedback if you want to increase organic traffic on your website. You can read the tips written below if you fall short on time.

  • Identify first who the real rivals are. 
  •  Take a look at the website and its top-performing material. 
  • Look for the best selling items for them. 
  • Analyze their cost structure, their unique selling ideas, and where they miss you and them. 
  • Look for updates to your website, goods, content, SEO, or something else you can make. 
  • To get more information about your rivals, sales, popularity, etc., you can also use LinkedIn resources.

6. Associate With the Influencers In Your Niche 

As a blogger, perhaps the most ideal approaches to increase website traffic is to interface and organization with different bloggers in your specialty. This sets the establishment for a more profitable blog after some time. 

What’s more, the more you associate with others, the more you develop your organization to begin including influencers, and lastly, you will get paid traffic too.


This enables your brand to evolve and be set up as a go-to in your niche. 

By proxy, you are on a list of other larger bloggers that make you more prominent.

Plus, you get an excellent backlink that helps with the ranking profile of your blog.

7. Try with the guest posts content in blogs

Visitor posting works in two distinct ways: firstly, You can submit posts on other locales or acknowledge posts from outside donors. (You can likewise do both!) guest post cta

Quest for mainstream distributions and sites in your specialty. Give specific consideration to those with dynamic, drawn in crowds and posts that get a great deal of online media consideration.

A few online journals will have visitor post-accommodation rules, so it’s imperative to check for that first. 


Ordinarily, guest posts will incorporate a connection to your site — in the substance, your creator bio, or both. This will drive organic traffic from that site to yours. 

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On the opposite side of things, welcome specialty bloggers, and reciprocal brands to post on your blog.

It’s a smart thought to share how this might benefit them: Do you have a ton of blog traffic? A significant email list? Tremendous social media traffic

8. Grasp Videos in Your Content Marketing 

Recordings are excessively significant for your business. It’s a sort of substance individuals love to devour when contrasted with text-based websites.

Sad to report this, yet no one gets a thrill to peruse without the graphic content nowadays. 

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This isn’t the situation with recordings. Individuals love watching and associating with recordings.

video facts

This is why recordings create more organic traffic, website traffic, commitment, and on top of it – Conversions. 

Consequently, you can make an ideal video advertising procedure, and you can support paid traffic and bring changes to your site. An enormous number of changes on our site come from recordings. 

Here are some tips to Create Awesome Videos 

  • Much the same as an article, determine your purchaser persona before you record the video. 
  • Make an a-list presentation. If your introduction isn’t attractive, watchers will leave your video under 10 seconds. 
  • Attempt to keep your recordings short. On the off chance that it’s impractical, you can isolate a solitary video into various scenes. 
  • Decipher your video substance to change over 
  • Try not to bargain with the sound. Any cell phone these days can record in 1080p, yet they don’t have the right mic. So it would be best if you utilize great sound hardware for fantastic sound quality since clients won’t watch your recordings if they don’t have decent stability. 
  • Altering is the place where the magic occurs. I failed to remember who said this, yet it’s actual. You can make an average video stunning with altering. 
  • Try not to be camera aware. If you are, attempt to conquer it.

9. Keep the Client Experience At The Forefront 

Client experience is to some degree clear as crystal – it’s tied in with improving the experience for individuals once they arrive at a page/site.

Looking forward to 2021, client experience is relied upon to have a more pronounced effect on web index rankings.

Google will refresh its calculation to incorporate client-focused measurements.

client experience

 It puts a more noteworthy accentuation on client experience and increases traffic.

It’ll lead to ease of use, for example, loading time and availability across gadgets and stages, and locales that can give this experience will thus get the better inquiry. 

The ideal way advertisers can test this out is by trying these highlights on their sites and perceiving how they look.

Google search gives a Core Web Vitals report to get a thought of where your pages remain from a client experience point of view and find a way to get ready for SEO in 2021.

10. Drive site traffic with Facebook 

As Facebook organizes posts from clients’ loved ones, You can get website traffic from Facebook gatherings, Facebook Ads, Messenger, online media posts, and your business page. 

For online storekeepers, you can advance items to purchase and sell Facebook gatherings to guarantee website traffic from people who are keen on purchasing your items. 


Additionally, by consolidating Facebook promotions with reliably posting on your Facebook page, you’ll increment the odds of getting site traffic from different territories on Facebook.

This is also one other great way to generate social media traffic. Besides, you can connect to item pages or blog substance to potential and real clients. 

 11. Attempt Instagram marketing

Over the long haul, Instagram improves as a showcasing channel for online retailers in light of its business-accommodating highlights an enormous crowd size. 

While you can expand with paid traffic, you can also build the connection in your profile.

instagram marketing

Likewise, you can do offshoots, market your items for a commission, and add outside references to Instagram accounts.

Or then again, you can contact influencers with enormous followings to share your connection in their profile.

You can get website traffic by making relatable advertisements also.

Furthermore, you can even add links to Instagram Stories, posts, and photographs.

instagram follow digitalarchitt

You can utilize free instruments like Showcase to make Instagram displays. 

In this way, you add the connection in your profile; it guides Instagram devotees to your site’s shoppable exhibitions rather than an outsider application.

And eventually, it creates a way to increase website traffic through your social media traffic.

It also supports general changes as it permits individuals to purchase the items in paid traffic Instagram posts you make.

12. Look at Pinterest 

Pinterest is probably the ideal approach to get site traffic streaming, thereby to increase website traffic.

Pinterest traffic can beat forces to get social media traffic by sticking your items and blog content on various occasions.

One pin can turn into a web sensation and earn an unending stream of traffic to your site. 

In case you’re sharing a blog entry, you can stick the entirety of the pictures inside the post.


This gives you different open doors for a pin to take off — you can use your photos to beat the rest.

Accordingly, you could drive significantly more organic traffic back to your site. 

Suppose you need to advance an item page to transfer custom pictures to bring people to your site.

To expand paid traffic from Pinterest, you can attempt to try some applications which can re-target guests on Pinterest.

It benefits you in turn by driving organic traffic to your website by going the extra mile, spreading kindness, and offering props to people doing good things in your industry. And that’s what calls a win-win.

From social media to personal person marketing and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to increase website traffic.

Your brand and your customers rely on the most successful process, and you can only learn by trial and error approach, plus a bit of optimization.

To climb on top of SERPs, optimize your organic traffic, boost profit and sales, etc., a complete strategy is needed.

Using these tricks will help your SEO campaign and improve your chances of being more visible in 2021 and beyond.

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