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Interview with Aishwarya Dey content creator

When we create something, we think, ‘Will our customers thank us for this?’ I think it’s important for all of us to be thinking about whatever marketing we’re creating; is it really useful to our customers?

I had a conversation with Aishwarya Dey who is A freelance content writer and a passionate learner.

She shared her valuable experiences and her career journey to become a freelance content writer.

She Provide you high engaging content to ensure that you are continually reinforcing your brand’s message and capturing your audience in new and appealing ways

She will save your valuable time so that you can focus more on other important aspects of your business!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s boost your business through digital marketing and help it reach heights!

Below, you can see the full Q&A and learn more about content creators.

1. An introduction about yourself.

Hello! I am Aishwarya, a student of Economics and a freelance content writer.

Apart from that, I am a dancer and an artist.

2. How did you become a Content Creator? Could you tell us about your career journey, starting with your education?

I am an undergraduate student pursuing my Major in Economics. I have never thought of going beyond the conventional career paths because, to be honest, I had no idea about freelancing.

Being an introvert, I have always resorted to expressing myself through words. I remember during my childhood, I used to love reading beauty blogs.

I was so fascinated that I started my own blog. But, I had no idea how to proceed, it was just a leap of excitement and thus failed.

Later, at the end of 2020, I got to know about the term “freelancing” which gave me some hope and I started writing. But, I had no clarity.

I failed again. Just like any other beginner, I started doubting myself and gave up without a second thought.

In the year 2021, when Saheli launched her freelance 101 academy, I enrolled in it and I guess that was the best decision I have ever taken for myself.

Since then, my journey as a content writer started and I am finally happy!

3. Why did you choose the field of content writing? How did you get introduced to this field? What inspires you the most about your career choice?

I have always loved expressing myself through writing. I have been writing since a very tender age. Little did I know I can make this passion my profession.

I got to know about freelance writing through Saheli. She’s such an inspiration.

It started all from her YouTube videos and then getting into her academy. A journey I will forever cherish.

I love to learn! Another reason why I got into freelancing.

4. What leads up to finding “the perfect” story for a brand?

A “perfect” brand story should not revolve around you. Instead, it should focus more on these two questions-

  1. What problems are you solving?
  2. How are you solving them?

5. Why did you choose to freelance? When did you begin to freelance? Were you planning it, or how did it happen?

I started freelancing full-fledged this year itself! I never thought of freelancing before since I knew nothing about it.

Freelancing comes with a lot of perks! I love how I am able to work right from the comfort of my home.

Also, I love the exposure that I am getting which I might have missed if I hadn’t chosen this path.

6. What are the most prominent techniques that you use to market yourself?

I mainly use LinkedIn to market my services and I would recommend everyone to leverage this platform if they aren’t already.

The main focus shouldn’t be to sound salesy whatsoever but to help others.

7. What has been the biggest challenge for you as a content creator, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge for me was to manage time and overcome imposter syndrome.

What has helped me is learning and implementing things more and more and calendar blocking.

8. According to you, what are the top five skills that a content writer should possess?

  1. Communication is key
  2. Research
  3. Understand the target audience
  4. Networking
  5. Patience

9. Who and/or what influences your work and why?

My mother always supports me. She has always made me believe in myself even when I wanted to give up. My family is very supportive.

Apart from that, I have got some AMAZING friends after enrolling in the F101 academy. I don’t feel like I am alone in this journey!

10. Would you like to suggest any online courses for those who want to improve their writing skills?

You don’t really need any course! The only thing required is Practice and Consistency! Apart from that, reading books will help a lot too.

11. Are there any hobbies or interests that helped you develop your writing skills?

I love to learn new things. I feel my curiosity to learn and know more has helped me improve my writing skills.

12. What are your favorite tools to use as a content writer, how are they helpful?

  1. Grammarly – to check grammar and tone
  2. Hemingway – to improve readability
  3. Ubersuggest – for keyword research
  4. Google Docs – for writing
  5. Notion – to plan everything

13. Is there a content writer who you admire or think they are killing right now?

I really admire Saheli Chatterjee, Komal Ahuja, and Puja Das. They inspire me to work hard and reach my goals!

14. How do you price your services as a freelancer? Any essential points that a new freelancer should know of?

I don’t have a fixed rate for my services. It totally depends on the deliverables, the time required, and the amount of research to be done.

New freelancers, please don’t give up when things get hard. Freelancing sounds easy but trust me it has its dark side too! We all have gone through that.

Just don’t give up, I promise you’re gonna thank your past self in the future!

15. How do you deal with writers’ block? What are the steps that you take to overcome it?

Firstly, it is totally okay if you are going through a block. Understand that breaks are important.

I always note down random ideas throughout the day. When I am on a block, I go through these ideas, and that really helps me a lot.

Another thing I would say is, don’t start a new project. Instead, edit an already written piece or complete the project that you didn’t before.

16. What are the challenges that you face during freelancing? What were your worst mistakes?

Well, I have never been comfortable with talking on calls. I used to be so scared that I always tried to avoid getting on calls. That’s the worst mistake I have committed so far!

What I understood is, the more you practice the better you get. I still am not perfect but I don’t run away from my fears anymore. And I have certainly gotten better.
Clubhouse has helped too!

17. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of freelancing, according to you?

The advantages include-

  1. You’re your own boss.
  2. You learn discipline.
  3. You get to learn so much!

The disadvantages are-

  1. You have to be accountable.
  2. There’s no one to push you. You have to motivate yourself.
  3. You have to manage everything.

18. What do you want to be in the future? How do you want history to look at you?

Well, I don’t have a fixed plan yet. I just wish to explore and learn everything I want.

In the future, I want to look back and thank my younger self for going on without fearing failure.

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