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5 Video Marketing Mistakes You Need to Know

A video marketing strategy has gained a lot of attention ever since online videos take over the internet.

More than 82% of internet traffic today is occupied with many types of videos, from educational content to entertainment sources. 

With this in mind, incorporating a video marketing tactic is an excellent move for generating customers. 

The marketing video itself can form in different styles that fit different purposes.

Therefore, many businesses have considered using this video marketing strategy to leverage their social media campaign. 

For example, if you’re aiming to build an audience and spread awareness, an explainer video is the best choice for your campaign.

This type of marketing video allows you to showcase corporate values and convey marketing messages in a meaningful way. 

On the other hand, if you need a tool to nudge your leads into becoming customers, you should produce a product demo video instead.

The product video will display all the details and benefits of your product without making it too boring. 

Although marketing videos are great for delivering important messages, a lot of marketers have failed in making the right content.

That being said, you need to know every video marketing mistake that marketers have made in the past.   

By knowing and evaluating the mistakes, you’re able to prevent yourself from making one. 

Top 5 Video Marketing Mistakes You Need to Know

  1. Unclear video messages
  2. Lengthy content
  3. Choose the wrong audience
  4. Not entertaining
  5. Generic call-to-action

1. Unclear video messages

When making a video, the message does matter. That’s literally what you’re trying to sell to your viewers: your messages. 

A video itself is a tool to convey your message. Every successful marketing video brings valuable messages that people understand in a short time.

If your audience gets your message, you can safely say that the campaign works. 

unclear videos

However, making a video doesn’t equal sending messages. Sometimes, people focus more on making a good visual that doesn’t reflect the message they’re trying to tell.

As a result, viewers can easily forget about the video and move on to other content. 

So, if you’re working on delivering marketing information, you should pay attention to how you craft the message inside the video.

Unclear messages won’t bring you any result as people can quickly overlook and search for more meaningful videos.

2. Lengthy content

Today, people are presented with the sea of video content. There are thousands of online videos they can find on different platforms.

Given this situation, most people tend to change the channel and bounce back and forth to find other videos.  

In brief, lengthy videos won’t help you catch your audience’s attention as they have a choice to click on a shorter, eye-catching video.

lengthy content

Simply put, people don’t have time to watch a long video, especially if it has something to do with promotion. 

Rather than watching a promotional video, people are more fond of entertaining content that makes their day. 

Not to mention that lengthy videos don’t go well with most social media platforms.

Suppose you’re running a video advertisement on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

These platforms can’t support long-form content for promotion purposes.

You’ll find it hard to promote your business on social media as your video isn’t compatible with them. 

3. Choose the wrong audience

This is a huge mistake that every marketer should avoid when making a promotional piece.

Target audience is the first thing, and an important takeaway note, if you run a campaign. 

After all, your goal is to engage and hook your potential customers. If you fail in determining the right audience, you’ll waste time making marketing content. 

wrong audience

You should also know that you can’t produce a video that isn’t meant for them even when you know who your audience is.

You need to make content that appeals to a target market. Make sure to exclusively create videos for them. 

For example, if you’re working on a campaign with Generation X as your main audience, you may need to include the current trend in your marketing video as they are more likely to pay attention to a new topic that’s being the talk of the town. 

Making a marketing video needs a lot of consideration. Do your research thoroughly before finalizing your video marketing proposal with your team.  

4. Not entertaining

Not every video is entertaining. That being said, boring videos can drive your audience away. 

There’s a reason why online videos account for the majority of internet traffic. People love watching videos.

With a video, people can absorb the same information as when they read an article way faster.

not entertainment

A video can deliver messages within 2 minutes for the same information when compared to blog posts.

That’s why many internet users have opted out of articles and choose videos instead.  

However, many video creators don’t realize that boring videos carry a similar feeling when people read a bulky post.

They tend to pause midway, often forcing them to leave the content. 

If this happens, you have no choice but to make your marketing video enjoyable from the start to the end.

An engaging video will take your viewers to the brand’s journey without making them bored.  

5. Generic call-to-action

Call to action is an important aspect of every marketing video. It’s a phrase that prompts the audience to follow your narration.

The copy will guide them to enter your marketing funnel without being forced. 

The call to action copy works like magic. People will voluntarily take action based on the text without telling them out loud. 

With that being said, it’s essential to make your call to action clear and compelling.

A clear call to action minimizes confusion between a brand and the audience.

call to action

When people understand what to do next, they can quickly move forward to it.

In addition, a generic call to action can sometimes bore your audience. Since thousands of companies use a call to action in their pages, it has become challenging to actually hook potential customers with common phrases. 

You may need to recreate your call to action and make it more interesting.

Oftentimes, an eye-catching copy can quickly capture attention that urges people to take the desired action. 


Video marketing strategies are excellent for raising awareness and generating customers.

With so many marketing videos, you can recreate one that fits your brand’s purposes effectively.

There is a marketing video for every stage of the marketing funnel. Whether it’s for acquiring or convincing leads, you can always make a marketing video for your business goals.  

As beneficial as it can be, using a video marketing strategy won’t always bring a good result.

Most of the time, digital marketers fail to produce marketing videos that fit their purposes. 

This list will help you avoid making mistakes when producing a marketing video.

Find out what you need to know now.

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